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Since computer monitors and color perception will differ, all photographs should be considered as representative portrayals only. Stone/Mulch is a natural product and varies in color, texture, and size depending on installation methods. Before ordering Stone/Mulch, we strongly suggest you obtain samples.

About Cedar Mulch

Produced all over the United States. The raw material comes from the lumber industry. There are eastern, northern and western cedar mulches. Cedar has very similar characteristics to cypress. It's resistant to decay and some gardeners like cedar because its oils can help ward off insects. However, it loses its color and will gray out faster than most mulches. It's a good mulch to use for insulating the soil, controlling erosion, retarding weed growth and holding moisture, but it's not going to break down and not provide nutrients to your soil like a pine or hardwood mulch.

Eastern Cedar mulch is similar to hardwood mulch in appearance. It is mostly bark with a dark brown color and a stringy appearance.

Western Red Cedar mulch is similar to cypress mulch with more red in its color. Two grades are available. First, is a whole tree shredded product, with a woody appearance. Second, is an all bark product similar to cypress Grade "A", with a stringy texture.

Northern Cedar mulch is stringy brown bark and tends to be very woody, giving it a lighter appearance.

  • The stringy cedar mulches are great for steep slopes and erosion control.
  • Compaction will occur, we recommend occasionally aerating or cultivating your mulch.

Western Nuggets come from the bark of the Ponderosa pines in the western United States. The bark is screened to three different sizes-small, medium and large. The Western Ponderosa bark is a thicker and more colorful bark as opposed to the southern pine bark.


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